45+ Lovely Fenton Glassware Vintage For Living Room Decoration Ideas

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A living room is part of the house is very important if we compare with other rooms, this is because the living room is the first place to receive guests. The living room at once gives the impression of the first appraisal of the home visitor. If the living room is neat and comfortable of course, home visitors must give positive feedback about our home.

Well, now how to be a living room to be beautiful, neat and comfortable. Maybe you think we need to provide a large space for the living room. The assumption is absolutely wrong. We do not need a large room to have a beautiful living room. All we need to do is to arrange the living room as weird as possible.

Choosing a bright color on the selection of living room paint is the right choice, this is because usually the living room with a dark paint color tends to make the room feel cramped so vice versa with the paint color of the living room is bright can make the living room more spacious.

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